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Plastic auxiliary equipment customization
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Sanzhong · Three advantages
To provide customers with automated production equipment and solutions
  • Customize automation solutions

    Has a group of experienced technical team, R & D team is engaged in plastic auxiliary machinery design more than ten years of senior personnel, can provide users with plastic auxiliary machinery professional design solutions
  • Install and debug for customers

    The company has a professional technical team, on-site installation and commissioning for customers, to ensure that our products can be used normally, let you rest assured, worry, peace of mind!
  • After sale of professional products

    Provide 7*16 hours online professional product consulting services, one to one specially-assigned person to answer the product related knowledge, standardized process for you to save worry and effort, free from your worries
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    Seiko, just to give you better protection
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    Dongguan Sanzhong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of plastic auxiliary machinery equipment.
    The company is mainly specialized in the design and manufacture of material metering mixed system, with years of development, has become the planning of the whole factory plastic automation surrounding system...
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